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You can also limit albums to photos or videos and a specific time (great for trips where you want all photos in a specific album). Fixed an issue where the download function might not work properly when users browse albums via share links. Supports showing all accessible albums in the Albums tab, including those you created and those shared by others. Synology Moments introduced a feature called subjects, which categorized photos based on specific details. Facial recognition must be available (and switchable if they care about performance) in Photos. Everything works as youd expect it to. Supports customizable album sharing features, including public sharing options and permissions that allow selected users to view, download, or add photos. Create personalized photo collections by grouping them into customized folders or albums. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. This site does not assume liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to damage caused directly or indirectly from its content or associated media. Register profiles of VIPs (names, preferences,etc.) Fixed an issue where photos might not display properly in Timeline View under certain conditions. Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policy Discord Facebook Twitter RSS Gmail WhatsApp Instagram. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Is it possible to use google coral ai stick for HW acceleration? For more information, please see our When photos and videos are uploaded to Synology Photos, the metadata that the photo or video contains is read and categorized. News, discussion, and community support for Synology devices. There are also specific situations where some users will require different features that the ordinary user wouldnt, thus finding Synology Photos more or less beneficial than others. Open Synology Photos - click on the 'Letter' in the top right of the screen (in my case it is and S) - select Settings - select 'Personal' tab - scroll down and click 'Enable the People Album in Personal Spaces' Now when you go into albums you will see the 'People' Album. Supports displaying WebP files and Android Motion Photo. This tool replaced the DSM 6 photo management solutions named Photo Station and Moments. Note: Since DSM 7 and Synology Photos are still in the beta phase, there is still a small possibility, a glimmer of hope that the Facial Recognition option is reintroduced for excluded models. Supports applying privacy-related settings to subfolders. Easy browsing Comb through your collections using flexible viewing options and filters. Supports customizable permission settings of Shared Space folders. If a person appears multiple times, they can be merged so that they only appear once, and categorization for that person will improve moving forward. Works on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and Apple or Android TVs. While Synology does a good job of picking up faces in photos, they dont always pick up all faces. Synology Photos provides a series of smart and flexible features, allowing both photography lovers and home users to manage photos with ease. The backup settings are clear and can be configured to require Wi-Fi or charging, and duplicate files can automatically be skipped (if they already exist on your NAS). Fixed an issue where the migration of facial recognition results might stop during the process. Reviews are naturally subjective, but Ive done my best to be as objective as I can. Synology Photos utilizes Synologys home service, which means that all users on your NAS will have a personal space to upload their photos/videos. Supports automatically creating albums based on facial recognition results, geolocations, tags, videos, and recently added photos. While Synology Photos does have auto face recognition, this can't be done manually. The Personal Space works great. There are a few different ways to access your NAS remotely and ensure you can view/back up photos/videos, but this is an additional configuration that is not required with a cloud service like Google Photos. Copyright 2023 Synology Inc. All rights reserved. Bought myself a DS920+ a few weeks back, and installed DSM7 on it (have an existing Synology NAS running DSM6.2). With lesser rights search is just not available; - same in the Android photos app. Create albums full of precious moments, share your perfectly framed shots, and store them safely on your Synology NAS. Take advantage of a complete photo storage and management solution. A new mobile . This ensures that a specific users photos stay private, with items that are shared visible to the logged-in user from the Sharing tab. Take a break. It is too hard to fix this manually now (by selecting the photos and removing them from the album of the person). Fixed an issue where the migration of facial recognition results might not complete successfully. PhotoPrism app facial recognition works fairly well in my experience and it can run in a docker container on Synology. Use Synology Surveillance Station video management system combined with facial recognition tools in schools, businesses, and other industriesto improve the overall level of security through a new monitoring method. Your link has been automatically embedded. From a strict features standpoint, most of the important features are there. I mean that while backing-up photos from her iPhone she noticed . Synology Photos 1.4.0-0458 requires DSM 7.2 and above. Supports moving and copying photos in the search results. This article introduces the key differences between the three packages and lists the migratable and dropped items/features. If youd like to restrict access to these photos, they must be stored in a users Personal Space or access to the Shared Space must be restricted. Please change 'jinlife' to your own account. Enhanced the searching mechanism to find more results that match the keywords. 20. However, you can delete it in FileStation, but it is still inconvienient. I create albums and share those albums with other users on my NAS. There is an automatic backup feature that allows you to automatically back up new pictures that are taken directly to your NAS. They dont impact the day-to-day use of the application, but they can become annoying depending on what youre trying to do. Thank you for the solution. Find the shots you want by filtering your photos by time and date, camera model, lens, and other metadata. Any other folders that exist inside of this Photos directory will automatically crawl into Synology Photos. Fixed an issue where long file names might not be completely displayed in the task queue. Links can also be protected by setting an expiration and/or requiring a password to access them. If you start trying to search details inside of pictures (even basic things like cars), you will most likely return no results, or they will be wrong. Synology provides complete solutions that keeps sensitive personal data safe. November 16, 2021 in Software Modding,,, Original work credits to Chinese developer @jinlife. Please refer to. It also doesnt do a particularly good job of categorizing the same person, so theres a lot of clean-up that must occur to get everyone listed as youd like. You can post now and register later. The table below lists the NAS models that support the feature: Notes: Certain models may not be available in your location. On iOS, I was required to open the application to back up my photos/videos. Please contact your local distributors for more information. Download and upload it to home folder in Synology. Not the worst situation, but it can be improved. By Supports protecting public share links with passwords and expiration dates. I have seen requests online where people have wanted to move the stored location from the home directory to a different location, but unfortunately, thats not possible at this point. Supports using customized domain names as the prefix of share links. Search Albums, Photos, and Videos Photo Station provides the search function from general to advanced for albums, photos, and videos. Passwords, expiration dates, access permissions. This is displayed more eloquently in the Synology Photos video above, but this makes the search inside of Synology Moments superior compared to Synology Photos. Therefore, my Places library is particularly shallow compared to what I would expect. VERDICT: If your metadata is detailed, Synology Photos will crawl in everything and display it as you would expect. Synology Photos is equipped with the facial recognition function. For the google coral AI stick, it seems not compatible with OpenCV and itsDNN. For whatever reason, iOS apps dont like to stay functional in the background, so the user experience was significantly worse on iOS than on Android in this regard. For this reason, the tool seems to pick up a lot of background faces that you might not have expected. Enhanced compatibility to display information on photos taken by certain camera models. When my Google Photos archive was downloaded, it did not contain any of the geographic data. Fixed an issue where running the package might cause high system resource usage. Synology Photos does a good job of reading the data and organizing it, but your experience will vary depending on the depth of metadata your collection contains. SSH connect to Synology and input below command to patch the file. Supports the Quick Filter feature that searches for specific photos according to set conditions. Restart your device, or just disable synology photos then reenable again. What I mean by that, is that it picks up a lot of faces. Install Synology Photos on your Synology NAS with DSM 7.0 to get started. The video playback performance was significantly better on iOS than it was on Android, but this could also be iOS favoring local playback whereas Android always tries to stream it from the NAS. This could be a bug in Android or just a difference between the iOS and Android Photos applications. "Seems Synology Photos uses OpenCV's DNN to make face recognition works. Unlessyouareusingsome NvidiaGPUcard like 1080Ti, then the AI calculationis much more faster than the CPU. Synologys goal is to allow you to quickly view/add/delete photos on your NAS. Simplify resource allocation with smart preprocessing and by offloading demanding tasks like thumbnail generation and file conversions to another device. Folders can be created that have different permissions, so specific users can have access to specific folders (which can be treated as albums, in folder format). Synology Photos Facial Recognition Patch This patch will ignore GPU and let DS918+ to have facial recognization function in Synology Photos. You need to identify them one by one. Synology Photos makes it easy to share albums full of memories while keeping them secure. Please keep in mind that administrators can access all users home folders. Supports creating Photo Request links to collect photos from other users and guests. If the metadata exists, all photos and videos will be categorized based on the date they were taken, and Synologys Timeline View can be used to navigate the photos and videos based on date. When a photo is uploaded to the Personal Space, a Photos folder will be created inside of that users home directory. Note: Synology Photos replaces Synology Photo Station and Moments and requires DSM 7.0 or above. DS918+ might need this patch and it depends on CPU and GPU, I would strongly recommend to use GPU if it works. There are automatic albums that are created named People (must be enabled by an administrator), Places, Tags, Videos, and Recently Added. If youre interested in editing photos, searching photo context (which was better in Moments than Photos), or easily sharing photos with people outside of your local network, the experience will start to suffer. However, while Synology Photos lacks in these areas, it also provides value in areas that competitors dont, with cheap storage (no cloud expenses) and privacy. Supports generating thumbnails via web browsers to reduce server load during photo uploads. Fixed an issue where photos containing merged people cannot be moved from Personal Space to Shared Space. The Facial Recognition option was available in the Moments package on DSM 6.2.4 and on a vast majority of devices. This functions well and ensures that the new pictures that I take are backed up immediately. Now, I would like to identify correctly each person on these photos. DS918+ might need this patch and it depends on CPU and GPU, I would strongly recommend to use GPU if it works. Every user will have a private library and be able to upload photos to it automatically using the mobile application. I think its a fair statement to say that if Synology can improve context searches (to the capacity of Moments), improve the mobile applications and add small features like manual facial recognition tagging, Synology Photos will be a complete product for most people. DISCLAIMER: The majority of my photos were migrated from Google Photos to Synology Moments, then to Synology Photos. Therefore, if you have a huge personal media library that youd like to import into Synology Photos, creating/moving an existing folder that contains all your photos/videos will automatically import them into Synology Photos. However, I feel like it would be better if there was more of a differentiation between the Shared Space and Shared Albums because they both can be managed and used extremely similarly. I urge you to try the application out for yourself! So, if a person happens to be looking away from the camera in a photo (or the automatic facial recognition simply fails to work), then users are out of luck. The search inside Synology Photos should be limited to tags, people, and places. I tried to run some executables I found in the /bin and /sbin folders of Photos App, but it did not do anything. This also helped tremendously with search, as photo-specific details could be searched and results were returned. :) ). If not, is there is a way to do face recognition completely new without regenerating the thumbnails (coz this takes too long)? - in folder view, trying to scroll MOVES your folders, without any warning. The final downside is that video files will not play using a native video player on the application itself (I dont think the app has a native video player). Updated to be compatible with Advanced Media Extensions 2.0 to display HEIC files and Live Photos. Supports displaying photos and videos in chronological order or by folder structure. Take a fine-grained approach and collaborate with selected users on a complete, folder-based media library by creating a Shared Space. Testing done by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under their Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT). Synology Photos (Mobile) Features A smart and flexible photo management system Rich photo-sharing options including password protection and expiration dates Automatic photo grouping using facial recognition and other categorizations iOS and Android platform support to allow management from mobile devices Specifications System requirements Copyright 2023 Synology Inc. All rights reserved. When a custom event has been detected, a command can be issued by the system. Do re-index from Synology Photos' setting. The Places album is a list of locations based on the metadata crawled in by the application. Fixed an issue where users might not be able to scroll down or view the Access Permission page of Shared Space. This will be highlighted at different points below. Supports displaying photos and videos in chronological order or by folder structure. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Therefore, many will be happy with how it functions, but power users might feel like the tool leaves a lot to be desired. Viewing preferences See your photos chronologically or according to folder structure. Supports showing the detailed copy, skip, and renaming status in the task queue. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. If hardware doesn't match with library, then it won't work. To ensure system performance, Facial Recognition in Synology Photos is only . Fixed an issue where additional folders might be created when the subject of Photo Request ends with a space. I hope that Subjects will be added to Synology Photos in the future, as it brings a lot more functionality to the application (search) than just the subjects photo album. Having an easy-to-use platform does not come at the expense of security. Albums can be created on a user level, and photos can be selected from the Personal Space, Shared Space, or uploaded from the local computer. There are two Shared Space Access Permissions Entry and Management. The People album uses facial recognition to try and categorize individuals. Names can then be added to each person. Display as a link instead, Record faces as they appear onsite. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Definite area for improvement when compared to Synology Moments. It works fairly well. After using Synology Photos, there are a few areas of the tool that are somewhat frustrating to use. Fixed an issue where Live Photos cannot be moved from Personal Space to Shared Space. Create a watchlist of prohibited persons. Detect whether or not people are wearing a mask, and send an alert notification to your security personnel to take action if necessary. This is ideal for large-scale collaborative projects or freelancers working with clients. Browse automatically generated albums using facial recognition, geolocation, tags, and more. The iOS and Android applications allow you to connect to your NAS and upload/download photos and videos. So the main problem that Face Recognition doesn't work is GPU problem, not if the S/N . I've just moved nearly all my photos to Photos and have culled thru all the Facial Recognition/People to properly name/tag them etc. . You can try QNAP as a VM. Enable automatic backups in the Synology Photos mobile app to save extra copies of your photos to your Synology NAS. Fixed an issue where guests might not be able to view the folder tree in the left panel. The mobile applications designed for iOS and Android are extremely similar. Facial recognition is only supported on certain models. Fixed an issue where certain H.264 videos cannot be played. Set conditions, including when and where the photo was taken, or even the camera lens used. Face recognition worked great for me. To be clear, the iOS experience is better when youre using the app, but the Android experience is better when youre not using the appa weird way of putting it, but true. Both, Android and iOS apps are greatly lacking when compared to something like Google Photos. But if I uninstall the app and reinstall on vol 1, I lose all the settings, config and most importantly face recognition and indexation data. The facial recognition on Synology Photos is incredibly strong. DSM 7.0 Synology Photos - Face recognition - remove photos from an identified person J JMi @jeanmichel Jul 07, 2021 Edited 2 Replies 2459 Views 0 Likes Hello, I am now under DSM7 stable, and using Synology Photos, I starting putting names on 'who is this' icons. Utilizes a unique deep learning algorithm, proven to reach 97.04% accuracy in NISTs Face Recognition Vendor Test under its WILD category (using faces extracted from real-world footage)1. Compatible with 7,500 types of IP cameras; easily add video analysis function to your existing cameras. Overall, I think that the Synology developers accomplished what they set out to do. Use at your own risk. Synology Photos removed Subjects, and its a definite step backward compared to Synology Moments. This is a necessary feature for a lot of people thats lacking in Synology Photos. This post was updated on Tuesday / December 21st, 2021 at 1:02 PM, Support my work Marius Bogdan Lixandru mariushosting Is the Ideal Resource for Sysadmins & NAS Geeks Copyright 2019 2023 All Rights Reserved. While we do our best to provide accurate, useful information, we make no guarantee that our readers will achieve the same level of success. If you did that clean-up on Synology Moments, most of the data should have been transferred over. Final Thoughts Synology Photos Overview & Review, How to Replace a Failed Drive on a Synology NAS, How to Access a Synology NAS Remotely with DDNS, How to Empty the Recycle Bin on a Synology NAS. and our There are a few downsides to the applications that must be highlighted. Synology Photos is built for smart, intuitive, and flexible photo and video management. keystone softball coach, city of norwich ny leaf pickup, professional beauty machines,

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