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About Us


Unit I

Evolution is constant, everything around us is evolving, it’s our time to create a new reality and challenge the impossible. We dream about a new world where everything is Recycled, where the pollutions is less and Non-Renewable resources are protected. We are Anangoor textile mills and we are a part of this evolution in fashion, We produce recycled Yarn.
Anangoor Textiles Mills Private Limited is the house of sustainable fashion. Established in the year 1997 at Tirupur – the Knitwear Capital Of India. We are a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter, and Suppliers Of World class quality Open End Recycled Yarn & 100% viscose yarn.
Our First Unit was established in the year 1997 with 5000 rotors capacity. We are one of the leading open-end yarn manufacturers and suppliers of outstanding quality yarns. It has now Extended with new generation state of art machineries like
Using Switzerland and Germany technology, Unit 1 produces 15000 kilograms (count 6s to 30s) of Open-end Recycled color yarn, Recycled colour mélange yarn per day. 

Unit II

Our Second Unit was established in 2007 and produced Ring spun yarn in 16s to 40s with 22800 spindles and a range of modern machinery from LMW ltd from Coimbatore, Trutzschler from Germany and autoconer from Muratec – Japan.
Blow room and carding connected with the automatic waste evacation system
Draw frame LDB3 , RSB 851.
Speed frame LF 1400 A.
Spinning frame LR/6s and LR 60/AX – Auto doffer.
Muratec 21c autoconer with latest uster quantum II yarn clearer.
We produce nearly 14000 kgs of 100% viscose yarn per day. 
It has now Extended with new generation of Open end machinery schlafhorst from Germany, 2000 rotors producing 12000 kgs of high quality  Recycled colour yarn and Recycled viscose yarn per day .

The Team 

We are backed by an experienced and technically qualified team in the textile industry. They have a collective experience and their involvement has been instrumental in the sustained growth of the company. 
We also instill in women empowerment and believe they focus on determining growth. At our mills, most of the employees are women and they have truly been our side in the growth and progress. 
With sophisticated machinery, Dedicated and skilled manpower, the process of progress is smooth and self-sustainable. The in-house world-class testing laboratory with testing instruments from reputed suppliers around the globe, helps us understand the global need and trend to produce quality and sustainable solutions. We have continuous online process monitoring & product quality monitoring with systematic approach.

Our Products are

Unit I

Open end color yarn and colour mélange Yarn for knitting and weaving.

Unit II

100% viscose yarn and Open end recycled viscose yarn.


We are using almost 95% own Renewable energy from our solar power plants and wind mills. We have 7 Megawatt Solar Power Plant  in land and  3 Megawatt on Roof top and 5 Megawatt in wind mill
 We have Certifications like RCS – Recycled claim standard & GRS – GLOBAL Recycled standard