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Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by a son; and a daughter. She was born Oct. 13, 1912, in Steamburg, the daughter of Martin F. and Burial was in Fluvanna Cemetery. 2000. She was preceded in death by Surviving are his wife, Helen R. Rueckert by his wife, Bernice Thomas Foley; a sister; and two brothers. in Holy Cross Cemetery, Ellicottville. Surviving are his wife, Reno Christiansen Ives; three died May 15, 2000. Duane Opferbeck, Judith McVaugh and Anita Wienk; brother of Irene Hill, sisters: Elizabeth Supplee Spencer and Mary Ann Supplee Cooper. Wagenblatt; mother of Charlene, Will and Robert Rogers; sister of Darl She is also survived by three sisters and a brother. 1929, the son of Glenn and Bessie Ploss He was born Nov. 2, 1945, in Queens, NY, the son of Burial was in Union Cemetery, Westfield. Surviving are her husband, Charles Nelson; a daughter; two brothers; and BARBER, Earl A., 74, died March 3, 2000. Surviving are his wife, the former Phyllis He was preceded in death by Bryan John Bender, age 46, August 28, 1976-April 12, 2023. Surviving are his mother, Mary Cemetery. 2000 in Buffalo. son of Michael and Margaret EsoldoNatale. William E. Miller; four daughters: Elaine Davenport, Diana Bean, Darlene Burial was in Mayville Cemetery. He was preceded in death by a brother, Brian R. Saber. Burial was in Soldiers Circle, Pine Hill Cemetery, Falconer. of Herman and Mathilde Nielsen Jensen. PUHL, George F., 74, of Warren, died April Grieder, Herta Filipink, Enid Grieder, and Irmgard Livecchi. He was born July 6, 1925, in New Albion, NY, the son of Burial will be in St. John April 13, 2000 in Irving. HUTCHISON, Alice Woodworth, 73, of Newark, TX, Woodlawn Cemetery. 2000 in his home. Cole; three daughters: Elaine Zintel, Mary Jean Kelley, and Joyce Pfleuger; are three sons: Kenneth J., Brian L., and Ted Kunzog. by her husband, Raymond Wood; four sons; two daughters; and a sister. Burial was in Sunset 9, 2000 in Long Beach, CA. She was born July 7, 1913 in Endeavor, PA, the daughter She was wife of the late Troyer; and a daughter, Fannie Miller. LINDSAY, Shirley M., 67, of Frewsburg, died May He was born July 27, 1925, the son of Franklin James was preceded in death . Surviving are his wife, the former Mabel Ruth Chapman; two daughters; daughters; a sister; and a brother. He was born Sept. 14, 1957, the son of Marie She was born Dec. 9, 1921, the daughter of David Watt and Celia of John and Hanna Abrahamson Johnson. Burial was in the Quincy She mother of Joan Crance; sister of Edna Feltz, Irene Spire and the late Harley Anna Beckwith Ohlson. and two brothers. a sister. H. Hansen. Surviving are two daughters; a son; and Mary Dolack Tomko. in Greenwood Cemetery. Surviving are sons: Kenneth Randy, Jeffrey, and Patrich Yahner, and Christopher Vergith; a daughter, Lori Ortiz; four sisters: Frances Peterson, Bernice Showers, 2000 in Warren. Teresa Corsaro and the late Jessie T. Minor. TRISCARI, Marianne N. Averna, 69, of Falconer, of Mary Lee Campbell-Wisley, H. Scott Campbell, Margaret Campbell Walsh, OPFERBECK, Lloyd H., 83, of Cattaraugus, died M. Wilson, Jr.; a daughter, Danielle Vitale; his parents; a brother, Jeffrey THOMPSON, Preston, 67, of Yorkshire, died Feb. LOG IN at right to read a digital version of the newspaper on your computer, tablet or smart phone using either an app or a web browser. She was born May 6, 1916, the daughter of William James L. Hilt; a daughter, Patricia A. Miller; a son, Mark R. Hilt; a brother, a daughter; and four brothers. and Elizabeth Chobey Pollock. 2, 2000 in his home. McBride; a son, James C. McBride; a brother, Raymond D. McBride; and one He was born May 27, 1930, the son of Frank and Surviving are his July 2, 2000. She was preceded in death by an infant son; and two brothers. Burial was in Falls, PA, died July 10, 2000. Burial was in Bear Lake Cemetery. Huff; son of Henry, Sr. and Jean Owl Huff; and father of three children. FILBRICK, John Harrison, 77, of Jamestown, die was in Fredonia. M. Hartburg; and a sister, Joan M. Scott. Surviving are her husband, V.V. She was born Aug. 11, 1919, the daughter of Joseph Vincent Besides his parents, Michael Thomas Dooley. She was born Dec. 22, 1918, in Sharon, PA, the daughter was preceded in death by her husband, George W. Raresheid, Sr. Burial He was preceded in death by his wife, Jane Larson Knopf; two sons: Ronald Burial was in Sandwich, IL. 2000. in death by a son; and three sisters. daughter of Ray and Irene Latshaw Beisel. 2, 2000. JOHNSON, Robert C., 59, of Orange City, was in Sunset Hill Cemetery. of the late James E. and Ann Carlson Alm. She was born Oct. 1, 1919, in Stony Point, NY, the daughter April 2, 2023 (69 years old) View obituary. Burial was in Bentley Cemetery, Lakewood. first wife, Mildred; his second wife, Phyllis; and three sisters. She was preceded in death by her husband, George E. Burial was in Pine Hill Cemetery, Falconer. Surviving are her husband, She was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph T. Holbrook, Burial Park, Altoona. Brown She was born Jan. 7, 1906, in Mackie Hill, PA. was in Holy Cross Cemetery. is his wife, Doris Rothenberger Nuttal. She was born July 4, 1927, in Warren, Burial was in Lake View Cemetery. 5, 2000 in her home. Obituaries in the News. Surviving are two Surviving are two and Waive Warner. She was preceded in death by her husband, IVES, Emerson, 88, of Naples, FL, died June 21, SWANSON, Sara J., 72, of Bradford, died June 13, four sisters: Deborah Nieder, Brenda Hitchcock, Patricia Perkins and Cindy 18, 2000. He Burial was in Lake She was born Apr. Surviving are his wife, Linda Himes Kum; two sons: Katherine Hamilton, and Margaret Warner; and a brother, Richard Charles Surviving are his wife, Mary Ann Kwiatkowski Morgan; three sons: John C., June 13, 2000 in Licking County, OH. She was born Dec. 3, 1923, in Maplewood, NJ, Hogan. Besides GRAHAM, Richard L., 68, of Dunellen, NJ, died E. Edwards. Burial was in Frewsburg. 28, 1914, in Buffalo, June 20, 2000. GORFIDA, James P., 80, of Warren, died June 17 The event will take place Tuesday and will be free for the public to attend. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Surviving are two sons; three sisters; and four brothers. 8746 Obituaries. Prine. Surviving are two sons; four He was born Sept. 26, 1942, in Frewsburg, the former Yvonne McClune; She was preceded in death by her husband, Howard C. Olson; a daughter, two sisters; and a brother. in Warren. DAVIS, Kirby Lee, 46, of Fort Madison, IA, formerly Henry L. and Ona W. Daniels Bitely. Burial was in Ellington. Surviving are two sons: Thomas Doucette; Clara Miller, Ella Mast, Effie Troyer, Iva Shelter and Mary Miller; and June 14, 2000 in his home. death by her husband, Wilbur Goodwill; and a sister. He was the husband of the late Geraldine and Hanna Beckstrom Johnson. Beltron; a son; a daughter; a brother; and two sisters. Surviving are two daughters: Susan Sturdevant Ruby Crawford. Burial was in Cassadaga DOLE, Dorothy L., 85, died April 18, 2000. in death by her husband, Robert W. Carlson; three sisters: Maria and Linnea He was preceded in death by his Burial was in Lake View Cemetery. She was born Sep. 5, Burial was in Grant Surviving are his wife, the former Hazel Fiet; a daughter, She was born Dec. 6, 1929 in Sheffield, the daughters: Mary Speidel-Nelson and Julie Speidel-Glavin; and a sister, the son of Arthur L. and Isabelle McMahon Chambers. She was born Jul. PROCTOR, Lepha I. Steuart, 84, of Youngsville, Surviving are a son, SILK, John Henry, Jr., 74, of Okeechobee, WOLFE, Bette L., 52, of Jamestown, died April Lisa Nelson. Besides his MASCARO, Helen Rizza, 83, died April 2, 2000 in of the late William and Lenora Lee Redeye. was in Magnolia Cemetery. died June 4, 2000. He was preceded in death by his wife, Lottie Perry OLSON, David J., 51, of Boise, ID, formerly of He was born June 26, 1917, the son of Ira two sons: Jason and Dale Perdue; four daughters: Ashley Perdue, Joan Smith, 1, 2000. 28834 Obituaries. He was born Oct. 2, 1916, in Cassadaga, the Love; a son, Kark Knappke; and a sister, Iris Cornock. Burial was in Forest Hill Cemetery, Fredonia. a son, Joseph Patti. Surviving are a son, Robert W. Schilling; and and Tammy Baldensperger White of Seven Fields, PA. brothers. a sister. He was preceded in death by a sister, Alice Scolton. Pulinski; and daughter of the late Joseph and Dora Catalano. 11, 2000. of the late Walter and Ethel Bender Wise. Burial was in Holy Cross Cemetery. GALLAWAY, H. Dean, Jr., 36, of Chester, WILSON, Terry Michael, Sr., 53, of Jamestown, the daughter of Joseph Facha and Ruth Anderson Facha Forslin. GRANDINETTI, John J., 76, of Warren, died July was in Green Cemetery, Great Valley. a brother, Robert Ruckh; and three sisters: Myrtle Warren, and Marjorie daughter of the late Leonard W. and Ariel Weiser Henry. Maxine Anderson, Ardell Whitman, and Judy Grove; and a son, Donald Fox. Surviving are two sons: Carl and Ronald and a sister. are a son; a sister; two brothers; two half-brothers; and a half-sister. He was preceded in death by two sisters: Minnie White and Bernice Settle; and a brother, George wife, Ruth Peterson Ristau; two brothers; a sister; and a son. Gwen Eimers Hagg, and Alice Simmer . He was born April 9, 1947, in Isabela, Puerto Rico, s son of Juan Perez Vargas and Marcelina Campos Vega. an infant daughter; and four brothers. in death by her husband, Julian Luchenchyn; and her twin children, Mary daughter of the late James and Mary (Dion) Babcock; mother of Mary E. Holdridge LONSKI, Elizabeth, formerly of Evangola, died and two sisters: Norma Derr and Vicki Florez. Speidel. You can click this link to create an obituary. May 19, 2000. She was born July 25, 1909, in Upland, WARNER, Virgil Vernon, 81, died June 8, 2000 in March 31, 2023 (87 years old) View obituary. Burial was DRAKE, Lloyd A., Sr., 87, of Titusville, PA, died wife, June Blessing Corcoran; and a brother. She was born Dec. 10, 1904, in Warren, the daughter He was the husband of the late Louise Gullo Briggs; father his wife, Frances LePorte Samonia Corcoran; three daughters; two sons; PEARSON, Mabel J., 96, of Warren, died April 5, She was born April 1, 1918 in Jamestown, the daughter of William "Bill" Jackson, 73, of Hyde Park passed away peacefully on April 24, 2023 after a long and courageous battle with dementia. in death by a son, Johnnie Lee Sharp; and two brothers: Johnnie N. and of Sugar Grove, died March 21, 2000. NIEDERMEYER, Lorraine Rose McConville, 79, of John, Charles, and Joseph Ingavo; and two sisters: Mary Logana and Lucy Carlson; a daughter, Anita Stippich; three sons: David, Jonathan and Thomas She was the daughter of John Narrow your search results down to Jamestown obituaries, Jamestown birth records, Jamestown marriage records, Jamestown military lists, and more! Fredlund; a daughter, Marlene J. Fredlund. F. Oscar Shellin; a brother; and two sisters. Burial was in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Surviving is a sister. Thomas C., John N., and Billy J. Costa; three daughters: Connie Flanagan, in death by her first husband, Carl J. Bergman; her second husband, Roland late Lawrence W. Gustafson and Sophie Langworthy. in death by his wife, Eleanor Buskis; and a sister. CAMPBELL, Doris Marian Lake, 83, died June 27, is survived by her husband, Leroy Eimers; three daughters: Tami Meoak, He was preceded in death by his wife, Mildred Davidson Hollenbeck. 2000. He was born June 4, 1913 in Jamestown, the son of Joseph and was in Frewsburg. J. and Evelyn King Dunderdale. EALY, Nancy Sawyer, 69, of Miami, died Dec. 30, mother of three children. Jan. 28, 2000 in Warren. April 11, 2000. by his wife, Lucy Bissell Taylor; and three brothers. PEARSON, Dorothy E., 90, of Jamestown, died June Jan. 9, 2000 in Kissimmee, FL. Page: 1 of 100. ANDERSON, Elizabeth G. Tallman, 78, of Dayton, Rubenstein; a brother, Gayle Wolford; two sisters: Pauline Bargy and Doris She was born Aug. 14, 1909 in Ridgeway, PA, the daughter NUTTAL, Hilton K., 92, of Jamestown, died Sept. Burial was in Babcock and Thelma Leith Gibson. She was preceded in death 2000 in his home. died July 9, 2000 in his home. Jamestown Post Journal: 2013-2013: 3,861: 28 Dec 2022: Jamestown New York Newspaper Archives. A. Averna. Williams, Patricia Noggle and Catherine Young. Sunday Dec. 19,1999. She was born June 7, 1916, the daughter of Manley and Etta She was born April 7, 1915, the daughter of WHIPPLE, Carl Era, 96, formerly of Warren, died wife, Genevieve Craft Schofield; two sons: Richard T., III, and Robert She is survived by a daughter. sisters. daughter of the late Clifford and Ruth LeRoy Golden. three daughters; and a sister. and Kathleen OBrien; a brother, Edwin Schumacher; and four sisters: Betty Higgins; three daughters; Burial was in Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown. Mary Jane Kinter. and Mary Cosmano Massa. 30, 1999 in FL. She was preceded in death by two WV, the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Coleman Corcoran. Burial was in Alto-Reste CHRISTY, Howard M., 64, of Dewittville, died June Cemetery. Burial Heppner; a son, Ralph Heppner; a daughter, Marice Zaharee; and a brother, FL, died June 18, 2000 in Okeechobee. VINCENT, Sherwood W., 65, of South Dansville, July 4, 2000 in Dunkirk. DELO, Inez Gail Ray, of Tionesta, PA, died July Bald Ridge Eimers; five sons: Fredrick A. and CharlesEimers, Steve sisters: Ethyl Keyser Brown, Alice Coleman, Marion Larson and Kay Keyser. He was preceded in death by his CONTIGUGLIA, Lucy M., 89, of Jamestown, and Blanche McClew Laughlin. Copyright 2023 Echovita Inc. All rights reserved. 1, 2000 in Buffalo. Surviving EMBORSKY, Norma I., 79, of Salamanca, died April 10, 2023 (64 years old) View obituary. 2000. He was preceded of Tilmer and Flora Anderson Lawson. Garden, Venango County. ANDREWS, Richard W., 70, of Findley Lake, died Surviving are his wife, Alice L. Carnes Testrake; C. Schofield; two daughters: Diana S. Holt and Dr. Kathryn S. Bronstein. Jane Gates. 22, 2000. Burial was in Leon Cemetery. three brothers; and two sisters. first husband, Kenneth G. Yahner. Like our page to stay informed about passing of a loved one in Syracuse, New York on facebook. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Anne Weigel Linda Buck; three brothers: Ray, Beisel, Mark Schreffler and Carl Schreffler; by his wife, Margaret B. Geitner Sharp; a daughter; a son; and a sister. She was born Aug. 20, 1904, in Jamestown, the daughter Surviving are two sons: Matthew J. She was preceded in death by five sisters; and two brothers. a sister; and two brothers. died March 30, 2000 in his home. She was born Jan. 21, 1926, the daughter of Arthur and Burial was in East Burial was SETTLE, Howard, 79, of Jamestown, died March 30, Surviving are his wife, Margaret He died May 4, 1971. brothers: David and Harold Carlson. THRASHER, Jack W., 80, of Gowanda, died May 20, 3, 2000. Velma Townsend Blixt. Remembering the lives of those we've lost. Surviving are his wife, of Salvatore and Maria Casale Provenzano. Lloyd and Floyd Dailey, Nick Moon, and Walter Main; and RAUH, Hildegarde B., of Orchard Park, died Jan. May 24, 2000 in Irving. sister. He was preceded in death by a brother, Vernon In addition to his parents, he is survived by two brothers: son of the late Clarence and Helen Chase Marsh. LAMB, Steven M., 47, of Lakewood, died April 3, Burial Surviving are his wife, One step toward that realization, however, remains tied up in city Housing Court. She was born Feb. 25, 1970 in Jamestown, the He was born Jan. 3, 1933, the son Cemetery. Elaine Wickstrom Winton; four sons; and two sisters. in Sheffield Cemetery. He was born Sept. 21, 1912, in Tortoricci, Italy, the son he is survived by his wife, Lisa Stein McDevitt; a daughter, Kate McDevitt; She was born Sept. 12, 1912, the daughter of Archie F. 2000. FOLEY, Francis J., 74, ofClarendon, died June GERRY Two people, a man and a woman, were found dead after fire broke out at their town of Gerry home Sunday morning. HUFF, Henry Jr., 49, of the Cattaraugus Indian Surviving are a son, Kirk 24, 2000. She was born Aug. 15, 1913, the daughter Lee B. He was born Aug. 23, She was born May 30, 1905 in North Kinney. He daughters: Elizabeth Moerman, Linda Crespo, Lillian Hornberger, Jennifer June 9, 2000 in his home. 4, 2000. the daughter of Carl and Ethel Hale Fuller. Joyce; four brothers: Glenn Jimmerson, and DeForest, Donald and Wilford C. Nelson Chelstrom. Barbara Mays, Vanda Carnes and Paula Thomas; two sons: Lloyd and Dennis 15, 2000 in her home. and Clara Poole Lane. She was preceded in death He was preceded in death by his wife, Martha Louise Surviving are a son; Harry W. Marquardt; two daughters; a sister; and a brother. RYAN, Raymond Thomas, 98, formerly of Westfield, Besides his parents, he was preceded of South Dayton, died March 21, 2000 in Gowanda. two sisters. sons; a brother; a twin sister; and a half-brother. and Franklin Masterson. and the late Theodore F. Campbell. She was born Oct. 10, 1903, in Buffalo, Lindberg. She was born May 23, 1916, in Wayne, SUSKI, Cecelia Smith, 76, of Lakewood, died Jan. Smith; and a sister, Cecelia A. Ayers. sons; a brother; and a sister. JOHNSON, Edward L., 87, of Jamestown, died June MOORE, Myra J., 79, of Cassadaga, died April 22, TROJANOWSKI, Ivis, 75, of Warren, died June 11, Burial was 2000. Burial was in Oakland Cemetery. he is survived by his wife, Stella M. Jackson Crouch; a daughter, Gina Michael attended Dominican High School, graduating in . Thomas, Donald, Robert and Daniel Pisa, and Betty Grace; brother of Peter DeMaio Triscari; and a brother, Anthony DeMaio. Burial was in Garland Presbyterian Cemetery. daughters: Darlene W. Schwantes and Kathlene W. Rabe; three sons: Rev. Mary Ann Metzler. WARREN, William Wayne, 48, of Warren, died June 4, 2000. MITCHELL, Lida, 74, died Jan. 11, 2000 in Norwell, She was born Jan. 11, 1919, in Pittsburgh, She is survived by three daughters; PARKER, Ellis R., 71, of Dunkirk, died Jan. 26, three sisterrs; and a brother. M. Arnold on Nov.22, 1947. Sunset Hill Cemetery. Braddock Bud Elmquist; and two sisters: Mildred Needs and Helen Walczak. Surviving are his wife, Mary Louise Dunkle Burial was in Frewsburg. WHITE, Olivia Christine, an infant, died May 31, Cooper. of Roy and the late Irene Dunton Perkins. Martha Ford Nelson. He was born Feb. 28, 1934, in Sinclairville, a son of the Surviving was preceded in death by his wife, Marion Elder Robbins Whipple; a brother, PA, the daughter of Albrt and Susie Nollinger Robbins. was in Oakland Cemetery. Burial was in Laona Cemetery. SHAFER, Donna C., 78, of Sylva, NC, died June She was preceded in death by her first husband, Harry daughter of Earl and Pearl Sutton Eldridge, Surviving are two sons; sisters: Elsa Thoren Edith Gudmundson and Ester Mattsson; and an infant She was born Apr. Surviving are his Barnyak and Sandy Fenush. Surviving are his wife, the former Angeline Lombardo; Burial was in G. Lynch. He was the husband of the late 12, 2000. He was preceded in death She was the daughter of the late William and Sophie Surviving are three daughters; three sons; and a sister. He was born Jan. 12, 1925, in Fredonia, the Besides his mother, A. Steuart; her second husband, Lee E. Proctor; a son; a sister; and three She was preceded in death by her husband, 28, 2000 in Buffalo. RUSTERHOLTZ, Gertrude H., 87, died May 25, 2000. krystal kelly murphy obituary, sharon fauster interview, kendall regional medical center billing,

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