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The proposal to implement a one year pay award for 22/23, is to enable us to continue making progress in pay reform, whilst developing the future approach. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the nature of the threat, though the level has remained consistent. The vacancy gaps in these areas are 34% and 30% respectively, compared with the NCA average of 21%. Anomaly correction in location allowances -97 additional officers receiving a South-East allowance. Essex Police's Ben-Julian Harrington described the cost of living crisis facing some staff, including officers who have quit for better-paid jobs in scaffolding and double-glazing. The majority of officers with powers occupy roles within our operational commands, and would be eligible for capability-based pay, however this is not absolute. The tables below show the diversity & inclusion characteristics of overtime, showing the gender split, ethnicity, age groups and working patterns of claimants. The most common scenario is when Officers are transitioning into or out of an International Liaison Officer (ILO) role i.e. The 2021 NCA People Survey results reported in December 2021. 23. The Agency is evaluating the success of this through our hybrid working pilot. Continued to build our approach to strategic workforce planning and resourcing. Existing application of our capability-based pay framework, along with our reforms, have helped with the challenges of recruiting the skills we need. Whilst some officers could work from home, we continued to require an office presence for sensitive work, and our officers still needed to deploy operationally. Moving roles off RRA where we apply capability based pay. To deliver this we need to continue extending capability-based pay, reduce the length of the pay ranges, and invest in pay uplifts to ensure we are building an attractive offer. 72. Over the last four years we have increased representation of officers throughout all protected characteristics. However, the Bank of England also predicts these spikes to re-adjust in the medium term. *Officers funded by NCA Margin are either in process of being redeployed or whose costs cannot be attributed to a command budgetary line. Table 40: productivity statistics by grade. 23% of roles within the command have powers. This is aligned with our strategy to build the fairness of our offer, through targeting the lower earners in the organisation. The role causes significant disruption to the officers personal life and requires a high level of personal accountability in managing risks to the business. Salary & Allowances (NCA average compared to law enforcement average). The Agency runs regular engagement discussions with the Trade Unions to invite challenge and scrutiny on proposals, and we shared planned workforce communications across parties. Across the standard pay ranges, we have been able to apply some meaningful increases, with pay range minimums increasing by up to 3,933. 39. SOC includes child abuse, human trafficking, slavery, money laundering, fraud, cybercrime, corruption, and the smuggling of drugs and firearms into the UK. Table 23: Spot rate eligibility by ethnicity, Table 24: Spot rate eligibility by disability, Table 25: Spot rate eligibility by sexual orientation. 7. During 2021 the NCA has continued to build on the accelerated pace of 2020, though there has been an impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on recruitment. Is the role considered as a hard to fill role. 46. Expanded capability based pay to 54% of operational roles. The ambition is to achieve full coverage of capability-based pay, in line with our criteria at table 10, across operational roles. Table 38: Internal transfers for Intelligence, Table 39: Internal transfers for Intelligence. 22. the Officer is an ILO in training or has returned to the UK following an overseas deployment and needs a temporary post while their full time post is determined. Attrition has been steadily increasing up to April 2020. The Agency is planning on making some efficiencies this year through reducing some overtime and travel spend, though to secure the future investment required in pay, further savings within our contractual provision will be required. The Agency is proposing to apply a differentiated award to the standard pay range, to target investment in line with our strategy. Responsible for planning and driving the most effective and impactful whole system response to the SOC threats. As of August 2021 we have 2198 officers on the spot rate framework, the increase in hours presents a productivity gain for the Agency. 18. You could also apply to become a police intelligence officer, if you work for the police. These are movements taking place outside of the lateral campaign, so will include promotions and other recruitment activities. Well send you a link to a feedback form. Table 20: Spot rate eligibility by gender. Related jobs include researcher or language specialist. The NCA are a proactive, rather than reactive, organisation, and we operate on different contractual terms and working patterns. It undermines sovereignty and corrodes economies worldwide. As the work that we do develops, and the skills that we require become more specialist, there is an increasing need to transform to secure the capabilities that we need. Their collective skills and diversity of experience are crucial to our operational success. This work will form the basis of our 23/24 NCARRB submission. For officers who hold operational powers, the Home Secretary sets a remit letter, whereby the NCARRB (as an independent pay review body) are requested to present recommendations on pay for those officers under their remit. Our pay comparison position within the market is important because it links to our strategy on building an attractive and fair offer which enables us to secure the skills we need. To fund additional investment in subsequent years, we will need to make additional cost savings through seeking contractual reform that we will direct back into pay. The cohort data below shows the number of officers undertaking the programme since last years report. Agency needs to develop and modernise our total offer, taking into account other pay and non-pay benefits, as well as a wholescale review and how and where we work. 60. Although the other grades remain slightly ahead of Civil Service comparators, NCA officers did not have any pay uplift in 2022/21, and cost of living has risen. At 31 August 2021, the Agency had a workforce of 6,032, comprising a mix of directly employed officers, seconded officers, fixed term employees and contingent labour. Continued to enhance developmental pathways to facilitate more lateral moves between teams, and have utilised talent schemes across Civil Service and Law Enforcement. 74. There are other areas that the Agency needs to budget for as part of our total pay-bill that do not come under the NCARRB remit. News stories, speeches, letters and notices, Reports, analysis and official statistics, Data, Freedom of Information releases and corporate reports. The total cost of this was 211,392. . A new NCA Director General (DG) will be appointed in 2022, charged with leading the Agency through a period of significant transformation. The 2021 National Strategic Assessment concluded that the threat to the UK has highly likely increased compared with 2020. The NCA has continued to take a leading role in protecting the public throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We have completed our 5th annual Recruitment Campaign, and we are onboarding joiners from this campaign throughout 21/22. Table 8: NCA People Plan and progress made in 2021. One of the priorities for the Agency is making our workforce more diverse. The most prevalent reason for leaving the Agency in operational areas is retirement, which means that we lose experienced officers with important skills. Contracts dont reflect working arrangements of 24/7 agency. They have suggested that wage and price setting need to be balanced carefully, so as not to put even further pressure on the economy as inflation settles. To view this licence, visit nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3 or write to the Information Policy Team, The National Archives, Kew, London TW9 4DU, or email: [email protected]. Due to the job market which we recruit from, the majority of officers on the spot rate framework are male. Absence has been lower during the COVID 19 Pandemic; with spot rate sickness levels are even lower than 2018 and 2019. This publication is available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/evidence-submissions-to-nca-remuneration-review-body-2022-to-2023/evidence-to-the-nca-remuneration-review-body-ncarrb-2022-to-2023-accessible-version. 71. This has meant an increase of 9% conversion rate of applicant to offer for specialist roles, over 200 additional powered officers at operational grades, and an average rise in pay satisfaction through our people survey results since 2017. This is being furthered through our Inclusion and Culture strategy. Flexible working may have been a cause of this and partially contributed to a better work life balance, resulting in better productivity for the Agency. 53. Whilst this does not cover roles within the NCARRB remit, it is important to present the organisational ambition. To support our assessment, the Agency conducts an equality impact assessment on the proposed entry list, along with forecasting the impact of implementation of the changes on the agency ambition. The NCA supports the Governments levelling up agenda, and we already have sites across the country. This will include reviewing our approach to overtime, shift arrangements and wider contractual terms. We will review the ambition for grade 6 officers within the modernisation programme. This can be found at Annex A. The pilot will help us test new working practices that could be adopted as we emerge from the pandemic. There are areas we still need to do more work on, expert spot rates, allowances and capability based pay progression. Table 4: Comparison of Median pay in the NCA Operational commands and Police forces. The NCA has a workforce of 6,032 as at 31 August 2021, and in the last four years the Agency has grown by 1,942 officers. The OBR have noted that ongoing global supply chain issues, energy price rises and labour market shortages are likely to continue to affect households and businesses in the UK. Data suggests that the pay gap with our comparators, particularly policing, is growing. It is important to note that there are some issues that will be addressed more fully through the three year pay deal that we are planning to submit next year: Table 10: NCARRB feedback and NCA Response. Further, future investment into the NCA pay progress is required. Table 56: Total overtime claimed by grade. Early evaluation data suggests that the hybrid working pilot has had a positive impact on wellbeing, engagement and performance. NCA officers work at the forefront of law enforcement. Whilst the government did not ask for recommendations in 2021/22 due to the pay pause, their 7th NCARRB report included feedback that we have been asked to consider. 92. The spot rate framework was first introduced in 2018. The NCARRB feedback from their 2021 visits is reflective of the Agency engaging more, directly with the workforce. Uplift spot rate values to bring us closer to our comparators. We have outlined that there are still gaps that will need to be addressed in future years. 8. This would build fairness, in line with the strategy. The NCA Board have prioritised pay as an investment priority, alongside other critical areas, in light of the external context, the impact of the pay pause, and the need to be able to keep pace with comparators. Table 18: workforce by command work pattern split, Table 19: workforce by grade gender split. The role suffers from significant recruitment and retention problems through a lack of suitably qualified candidates applying for the role and there are ongoing vacancies in the establishment. In 2020, when we applied our last full pay award, officers received the largest consolidated pay increases in the recent history of the Agency. The 22/23 proposal, detailed at chapter 3, seeks to further the progress against our strategy by applying a 3% IRC as a one year approach. We have higher attrition in areas that we have not been able to apply reform, which demonstrates the importance of continuing to implement our strategy. Investigations Officer These are frontline roles investigating Serious and Organised Crime, which includes the arresting and interviewing of suspects. Our three year transformation proposal will be developed in parallel with our new People Strategy, to deliver a coherent offer. The NCA recognise the need to balance pay awards, as the economic evidence does state that if pay increases were to exacerbate temporary inflation pressures, this may drive wage demand further across the economy, and lead to increased pressures. This data has been collected from October 2020 to November 2021. The DG will maintain a pivotal role in UK and international law enforcement, and will continue to be directly accountable to the Home Secretary against a number of ambitions set out in the Governments Beating Crime Plan and Integrated Review. As with the spot rate framework, the number of BAME officers at Grade 1 is low, with BAME officers on the whole being at the lower end of the grade pay range. The Agency will not be able to achieve this strategy using the remuneration lever alone, and this will require an integrated transformation programme to be approved and delivered. As a law enforcement Agency we need to prepared to react to the changing nature of crime, this includes deploying officers outside of working hours and going beyond our normal working week. We have been able to achieve this in part, through the implementation of a new pay framework in operational commands, but there is more to do to develop the strategy for enabling functions. Table 22: spot rate eligibility by religion. Operational disruptions have increased, and we have had our most successful year to date in 2020/21. The following data tables detail officers eligible to opt in to Spot Rate as of August 2021. It is important we provide female officers with opportunities to progress up the grade structure. The Home Secretary has accountability for the pay process and has developed a positive, partnership approach to working with the NCA. With the increase in hours from 37 to 40 hours, compared to those on standard terms and conditions, the tables below outlines percentage of sickness days lost. 19. To deliver reform across the employment offer, we need to re-assess our long term strategy in line with our three year spending plan that is in development. Salary : 34,672 to 38,314. The percentage breakdowns broadly reflect the NCA workforce, with there being minor differences in some areas. Table 4 shows there is still a way to go to achieve comparability across all grades when comparing the NCA median with the policing equivalent. How many NCA officers are in the UK? This is drawn out in more detail in tables 2 and 3. Early benchmarking suggests that the gap with comparators will widen, and increasing attrition across enabling functions is evidence of this problem. To support this work, we are developing a revised benchmarking matrix. More detail on retention, presented through attrition data, is at chapter 2. This demonstrates the need for a pay and benefits framework that will enable us to attract and retain the capabilities that we require in the right place, at the right time. Warrington (Hub), London*, Kingston upon Thames (Tolworth), Leicester, Bridgend, Bristol - *Under the NCA Estates Strategy, the London office is part of a planned relocation to a new NCA HQ in Stratford, .

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