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You will emerge in a previously inaccessible part of the map. Otherwise, you'll take a mauling if it lands some hits. The next check is Strength 18 or Dexterity 18 - choose the one you're least likely to fail. Return to the world map and make your way to Bridge Over the Gudrin River since the place has changed since you were last there. The Alchemist is a pain since he uses Greater Invisibility which makes him hard to spot and target. If you have a couple of days (i.e. Backtrack to the entrance of this section of the map and go southeast until you find a Ferocious Wyvern. The Hamadryad has 210HP and fast healing, together with the usual fey DR 10/cold iron and is more or less immune to most elemental damage. Do not simply have the agent thrown out because that will lock you out of their companion quest. Back out of the conversation. You may want wait things out with a 14-day project - rank up an advisor or claim a territory. Olika's room is the middle of the lower three rooms. How things progress depend on how previous events played out: I don't like this: persuading the refugee girl to go home is good, but persuading the peasants on the road to go home is bad. Encourage her to persevere (unless you enjoy failing quests). When it finishes, interact with the water. Continue and you will see Nightmare Skeleton Soldiers attacking the barbarian warriors (who, to be fair, stand up for themselves just fine). Cross over the Crooked River and head south (this is the route you took to Talon Peak earlier). Examine her bed to notice that the undergarments left there are bloodstained. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews . Tsanna is most suspicious - she has a limp, has come in through the back door, has burnt something in the fireplace and is cooking something that isn't a meal. Search a chest on the northern wall for a Shock Greatsword +1. The enemies drop Masterwork weapons and the Arch-chemists also drop Rings of Protection +1. There are prisoners in five of the cages. When you cross the Crooked River, head south (note that you cannot go further east into Varnhold at this time). As you make your way east, you will see a pack of three Dire Bears through a gap in the rocks which you can attack from this side. Finally, a chest next to the rightmost hut contains a Torag's Pendant. Head back down and start making your way back towards the bridge. There's still a bit of clearing up to be done in the city. If you killed or exiled her, the Priest will "curse" you": +2 to Persuasion, -1 AC vs animals and magical beasts. You've got time until the next quest begins so pay him a visit. Tiressia is a local dryad at the Swamp Witch's Hut.She has lived in the area for an undisclosed period of time with her lover Falchos and was a witness to the tragedy that befell the nearby village.. Interactions []. Head through the exit at the bottom of the cave and you will have a brief illustrated book episode. gamespot.comgiantbomb.commetacritic.comfandom.comfanatical.com, Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Stick Octavia and Regongar in your party. Artifact locations. Grab a bit of loot from a nearby body. The Tedrims aren't here for hunting, but there's also nothing that marks either of them out as a priest or priestess of a forbidden cult. Afterwards, you can free the prisoners from their cages by clicking on the doors. Take the skins back to Sharel who promises to see Morhalan arrested. The various crates in the cave contain potions, provisions and lots of animal hides, some of them quite valuable, although the Lizardfolk Skins are worthless. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. There are several containers with minor loot nearby. Afterwards, Kesten and his Militiamen will start making their way to attack the cultists. Assuming your response to this provocation is non-lethal, you can persuade them to stay in your Barony (DC16). Before he dies, he will mention a place called the Womb of Lamashtu. I'm also aware that after the . If you have a lawful alignment, you can order this bonehead back to the capital where he belongs. Spread your party out before attacking them, moving your squishier characters to the north of the area. Exhaust his conversation options but don't murder him. This leads to a chamber with a Primal Spider Matriarch, four Giant Primal Spiders, a Doomspider and three Spider Swarms. After you kill the Owlbear that emerges, Urkhed is pretty ungrateful, all things considered. There is a puzzle in the ruins to obtain a secret treasure. Sod off, Ntavi, he needs a proper name! As you approach Kesten's camp, four random monsters (Ferocious Owlbear, Ferocious Wyvern, Primal Manticore) will burst out of freed prisoners and militiamen. Sharel is a tailor and Kimo is a bowyer. If he is with you Tristian, as usual, will urge mercy. The Womb of Lamashtu will be found upriver, east of Lake Silverstep so start heading in that direction. See for yourself: Creative Director Alexander Mishulin will tell you more! There is a trap at the end and four Primal Giant Spiders. If you continue north, you will trigger an assault from a large group of Primal Giant Spiders and Doomspiders. Force attack one of them and all four will become hostile. Afterwards, you can raid their nest for two Owlbear Eggs. Credit for the information on this page goes to Unikatze / Christopher Gerlach and the Pathfinder: Kingmaker community. Return to your capital. The fifth cultist flees the scene. . You can murder them or leave them alone for an XP bonus. Head to Silvershire and give her the emerald. He tells you that you must kill the Everblooming Flower in this world and in the real world at the same time. Cross over to the other side of the bridge and you will see that the road is blocked by bandits who are extorting passers-by. Head through one of the fog clouds to be whisked away. Have Linzi sing Inspire Competence because the lock on it is DC43. Before you burn it, choose to take a part of the root. Head to the Goblin Village revealed on your map. If you can get a couple of good rounds from Ekun and the initiative rolls are kind, this fight is quite manageable. You see the clue about the limp if you succeeded in the second series of checks in the illustrated book episode (the Stealth check is trivial for Nok-Nok or Ekun). There are three Greater Worgs and an Alpha Worg to fight your way through. He offers Octavia and Regongar a place in the Technic League but they decide against it. A chest contains minor loot and you will find a Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag under a rock. There isn't a lot you can right now, because you can't explore freely in Varnhold at this time. When Irlene delivers her first item, she will have a proposal for you. A Redcap will run further into the cave but don't follow it. However you come by a Unicorn Horn, give it to Irlene to complete her quest. Continue further and search a crate near the hut for the Energy Source ring and a Token of the Dryad. When you emerge on the other side, you will be treated to a brief vision, Head north and you will be treated to a lengthy scene. If you feel ready, speak to Kesten to point the finger at a culprit. If you are able to make a Lore: Nature (DC20) check, you will note that the berries are fatally poisonous. Go there and you will see the aftermath of a noisy fey gathering. Resist Fire (Communal) will be useful along with your normal buffs. There's a chest near where he skulks which contains a probably useless scroll of Hold Person. There's a trap among the enemies that you may need to take care of. Hug the left side so that you go up the path on the left. Your envoy will tell you that the scene you witnessed in the Hunting Lodge is becoming widespread. If you were to use magic, it requires Heal. Just north of the Owlbears are another three Great Worgs, one of whom starts out stealthed. After you've freed the guard, you can do some shopping with Verdel if you have an urgent need to offload dead looters' junk and animal pelts. If you followed Kesten here or were able to send him back to the capital, there will be a group of goblins (Sneak, Falcon Eye, Dogcutter, Soldier x3, Sneak Eye x3). If you did not choose Shandra Mervey as an envoy, she is essential. Continue to the end of the path and search among the rocks for a Taldan Snaffle (3/5). Afterwards, Amiri will mention the spirit that Akaia was ranting about. At some point, you will have a scripted encounter with a Priest of Lamashtu. This leads to a good / evil choice that is harder than most. Search the grass nearby for a Token of the Dryad and leave. To the left of the pond you will find two Primal Manticores if you insist on killing everything. He tells you that his brother, Tomin, went missing on his way to Varnhold. When she's dead grab the Blood of the Murderer of Varrask's Family from her remains along with a Belt of Giant Strength +2, an Amulet of Natural Armor +1 and a Cloak of Resistance +2. Make the Mobility 21 check (it's a lot easier than the Dexterity 17 one). Equip the first world lantern in a belt slot. There are several sources for these "feather tokens" you'll need to appease Melianse: Buy A Pouch of Feather Tokens from Bartholomew in the Lone House area. She proposes to make the townsfolk a Roc egg omelette and tells you that there's a Roc that lives on Talon's Peak. He says that trophies will be awarded for killing the three dire monsters and that whoever brings two or more heads back will be declared victors. Make sure that the lantern is on and you can explore the level. Backtrack to the previous cave and take the northeast passage. If you had her brooch sent to her, she is wearing it. You have a number of choices. Speak to Kesten and you will learn that the goblins are deliberately infecting human prisoners. When it's dead, your main team will rejoin them and you will be attacked by a Primal Manticore and a Primal Hydra. He will tell you that he was slandered by a tailor in the capital, Morhalan. This isn't as good as you might think, since it is only powerful against animals, which aren't really a threat, rather than magical beasts which are. Either way, you will learn that Maestro Janush is in the vicinity. Continue southeast down the path. As the tied-up goblin predicted, the Owlbear refuses to touch him and turns on its keepers instead, killing one. Your choice has consequences. 25 days-or-so before the deadline, your kingdom will align with your current alignment, rather than the one you had back at the start of Act 1. Backtrack and make your way to the pond in the centre of the area. Interact with the dais and place the Mysterious Bird on there. Engage the lantern and head to the northeast corner of the map where you will find four Doomspiders. Be careful because some of the lower ones will go round the long way to attack the characters you left behind. The Storyteller collects objects from eras past and the stories that come with them, and is willing to reward those who come to him with more. Were you not paying attention, Kesten? Question the Tedrims again and Kabron will claim to have broken his bow. Location: south of the Swamp Witch's Hut. Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/23/2023 FAQ of the Month Winner: October 2021 | Highest Rated Guide. Start making your way up the western side of the map. She will want you to get a bottle of wine from Elina so that she can "steal Ekun for a moment". Allow him to do so. If you browse his wares, you can buy the Fearsomeful Mace of Chwurk for 400G. It seems that Tigni has been profiteering. Tristian and Jhod will arrive with the report for the events at Bald Hill, earning you 6500G. If you make the leap of logic that a "cleft" is a "gulch", you might figure out that the location is Dragonleaf Gulch. Cast Haste again if you can and go through the portal in the left of the cave. Instead, make a hard save here and play the Varnhold's Lot campaign first. Tristian will have some interesting intelligence. One of the containers in the dormitory holds a Scimitar +2 while a hidden chest (DC26) contains the Chocolate Ice Cream recipe along with a pair of high level scrolls. Suggest he have a drink with you and you can make a Diplomacy check (DC22) to get him to relax. Continue to the tower and the Ancient Roc will fly down to defend her nest. Outside the tent is an Old Gnome whom you can speak to. If you kept the Trailblazer's Helm, it will come in useful as well. Make sure you have no other pressing obligations. Select the following options: This will lead to Nok-Nok winning the duel, eliminating the king as an enemy and gaining his crown, Stubborn Head. If you look here, you will see that this leaves five days to kill. Let it get close so that you don't aggro it at the same time as the worgs near the entrance and then continue left to take out the three Greater Worgs and Alpha Worg. Save before approaching the gate. When the rest of the enemies are dead, you can destroy the Everblooming Flower. The Storyteller has a supernatural ability to . Be careful that you don't "interact" with the prisoners since that seems to result in you killing them instead. By this point, you should be able to defeat the enemies regardless. Make your way around the rock where you'll find a second trap. Continue north to the town centre where you will fight two Owlbears, a Ferocious Wyvern, a Yellow Dweomerwyvern and a Yellow Dweomermanticore. Afterwards, you can simply burn it. There really is no pleasing some people. The guards will probably hinder your efforts by surrounding the enemies. There is nothing more to be done in this version of the Other World for the time being so extinguish the lantern and head through the patch of fog to the north of the pond. Read the full list of changes: store.steampowered. There is a hidden chest next to a hut containing a unique kukri, Mother's Care. Fire and cold iron will stop it regenerating. Instruct Kesten as to what is to be done with her. Otherwise, give him the berries to close off the errand. The Fake Stag Lord drops an Amulet of Natural Armor +3 which is pretty decent. When you leave the city, remember to add your favoured companions back into your party. Refusal does your conscience good, I'm sure, but you'll lose Irlene as an artisan. Wild Empathy (Su) This works like the druid's wild empathy class feature, except the dryad has a +6 racial bonus on the check. Ask him about the relic he mentioned and he will talk at length about a hammer named Obliteration, initiating his artisan quest. When you kill these, two Yellow Dweomerwyverns will appear in the area. They're fairly weak but take out the two Arch-chemists first before they inconvenience you. Inside Jamel Visser will tell you that you will be hunting owlbears, hydras and wyverns. Backtrack to the gate you ignored earlier. Once inside grab some minor loot from the containers. There are two groups, the second spawning when you get within melee distance of ranged fighters. Buff up before you speak to him. Search among the rocks at the bottom of the area for a Taldan Warrior's Dog Tag. Mim, the goldsmith from Silverstep, has the decency to seek you out. Try and take it down quickly before it murderises both sisters. There is a solitary Owlbear wandering around. Buff up if you need to and tell Kesten you're ready. Go to kingdom management and build Irlene's Magical Rarities Shop in your capital. Ask about the three wishes and she will name her second wish: berry wine from Kyonin or Elven Absinth. Search the barrel outside the hut for the unique falchion, Beastrender. It's not actually all that tough. If you are playing a console, you have no way of determining the current time and day (a significant developer oversight). She is very interesting to speak to. If you ordered Kesten back to the capital, he and Jhod will join in (probably too late to contribute meaningfully), If you went to Womb of Lamashtu to rescue Kesten, Jhod will die from the injuries inflicted by this thing. If you succeeded in the skill check, you can challenge him about the berries. Leave the throne room and go to the Capital Square for a scene with two peasants arguing about whether to leave the city. A monster stole her great-grandmother's string of pearls. Search a crate near a rock outcrop for a pair of Bracers of Armor +4. There is a trap just inside the next cavern and five Primal Giant Spiders. During the performance, push Ekun closer to Elina. If you ask about where you are, you can make a Knowledge (Aracana) check to deduce that you are in the First World. While you're fighting these, you'll probably aggro the next group of enemies as well, including two Alchemists. If you do fail the ability check, you will need to pass a DC20 Intimidation or Perception check, so you may want to select an ability check that you're less likely to pass if you are guaranteed success on the second check. He'll die shortly after you kill it. Near the entrance you will find some escaped prisoners and a short distance after that, Kesten and his militiamen ineffectually fighting a large group of goblins. Monster Den. Note that they are quite tough and not worth fighting. Further discussion is interrupted by news that the peasants are revolting. The locked (DC27) chest contains the Hunter's Roast recipe. In case you're wondering, you still can't go further east. You will find a Sickle +2 lying on the ground. Speak to Una and Kabron Tedrim standing in front of the bar. If you build Mage Towers in your capital and your second town, you can teleport between them without having to rank up your Magister. If you search the carts nearby, you will find a locked (DC21) crate containing a Shock Dagger +1. You can urge her to return to the capital (Diplomacy DC28). When they leave, loot the cart for some provisions, including a very valuable First World Fruit. Edrist will visit your throne room approximately 60 days before the deadline. Ask about Ollie and she will tell you that he left on business and has subsequently disappeared. The Poacher's Hideout is between Thorn Ford and Old Mesa. Backtrack to the centre of the town and head south. He tells you that they have someone who has the disease who is prepared to be cut open to investigate the nature of the illness. So what's new? Near to the bridge, you will find a group of unhappy peasants and a merchant, Tigni Jusmert. They have concealment but so long as you are protected from poison, they aren't terribly dangerous. The easy path is the "Ahem O fey!" Equip cold iron weapons and head slightly northeast from the ex-hydra where you will find three rather more powerful Primal Hydras. This is somewhat tough, with high AC and concealment, but manageable so long as you overcome its DR. Search its remains for a Melted Shard of a Ring (8/13) and a Throwing Axe +1. If you're nice, you can win them over. The Shaman will kick things off by summoning an army of Redcaps. However, Ekundayo is a dab hand with Lore (Nature) so make a couple of checks (DC25 and DC20) to get her on her feet again. When you catch up with him, you can kill him or let him go. In the next cave you will attacked by three waves of spiders: So long as you can deal with the swarms efficiently, the other enemies are just a matter of endurance - they won't do much damage because of poison immunity and you'll miss lots because of concealment. If you ask where the surgery is to take place, you can make an alignment choice. Having obtained this, go through the patch of fog just below and to your right. Ask him what he wants and he will tell you that he wants to woo her with a gift, an emerald necklace to be precise. You will find Mastro Janush's diary in a box on a shelf. Kesten will pursue the fleeing cultist but you don't need to follow him right away. If one of your advisors didn't make it, the surviving advisor will want you to do the other thing (i.e.

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